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Boone/Sawyer love

Let the worship begin

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Boone/Sawyer Love

Welcome to a community dedicated to two of ABC's new hit show "Lost's" Hottest men: Boone, played by the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder, and Sawyer, the amazing Josh Halloway!

This community is for anything that favors Boone, Sawyer, Ian Somerhalder or Josh Halloway as long as it follows these RULES
- All large pictures need to be behind a cut
- Any spoilers from episodes need a cut
- More than three icons deserve a cut
- Fanfiction is allowed, but lengthy fics, slash, and anything over PG-13 need a cut
- All slash fics MUST have a warning
- All fics PG-13 and over MUSt have a warning
- Do not flame other people's work
- You may advertise other communties/sites, but they must relate to Boone, Sawyer, Somerhalder, or Halloway