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Major Boone/Sawyer love

I didn't even know this comm existed! *does a happy dance*

I'm currently looking for a Sawyer for my Lost rpg on Greatestjournal. If you're interested, check out the cut.

Lots o'love,

(this RPG is located on Greatestjournal.com)

On August 15, 2004, Oceanic International Flight 815 departs from Sydney, Australia for Los Angeles California. Unfortunately, the plane will never reach American soil. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious deserted island. Forty-eight people endure the accident, determined to be rescued while helping one another survive the dangers of their new home. Enigmatic 'monsters', decaying bodies, and other curious finds cause the survivors to ask the ultimate question - are they alone on the island?

'The Lost Ones' is a role-playing game based on the ABC series "LOST". Gameplay begins on August 01, 2004 - two weeks before the crash. The game will explore the days leading up to the crash, as well as the lives of the 14 main characters on the island, though flashbacks, journal entries and one-on-one role play. We plan to remain faithful to the show's canon only to the end of episode 1x19 - "Deus ex Machina". Any canon plots that occur after this episode are optional.

The focus of this game is to explore the lives of the characters we've come to love and hate (or love to hate as the case may be) - filling in the 'holes' that the show's writers have left for us. We encourage players to explore their character's pasts, creating even more richly embroidered plots with which to play. Nothing is taboo - for the island holds many secrets. Desires, fears, hopes, dreams, nightmares - they will all be realized... they will all come out to play.

So, play with us. We welcome you.


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